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Polarity Integration Coaching

3-day coach course

28. 29. 30. October 2020. ONLINE

Polarity Integration

One & Another

We operate in new business & life paradigm in which uncertainty and complexity are constantly increasing. Our clients are today, more than ever, invited to successfully integrate opposing and often contradictory directions in business and life. Those opposing and contradictory directions we call "polarities". Here are some examples:

Being & Doing
Structure & Flexibility
Individualism & Team Work
My Needs & Others' Needs
Direction & Freedom
Data & Intuition
Short Term & Long Term
Profitability & Mission

Join us for this 3-day coach training course to learn "Polarity Integration Coaching", coaching model to coach your clients and help them integrate and capitalize on polarities they face so they can increase personal, family, team or orgazinational effectiveness.


Polarity Integration
Coaching Application

Mission, vision, values and organizational culture coaching Strategy and its execution coaching
Team effectiveness coaching Personal effectiveness coaching
Organizational effectiveness coaching Change Coaching
Leadership effectiveness coaching Conflict
resolution coaching
Life quality enhancement coaching Work - life balance coaching

When coach can support clients in integrating polarities they are enabled to:

Define and execute strategies and tactics that are more effective and sustainable

Directly upgrade effectiveness and efficiency

Have better insights into opportunities and know how to utilize them to their maximum

Implement changes effectively and increase flexibility

Raise the ceiling of what is possible

Have a positive impact on other people's motivation and engagement

Create environment which supports development, satisfaction and happiness

Feel happier and more fulfilled in all areas of life.


During this 3-day coach training
program you will learn:

The concept of polarities and polarity management
The laws of polarity dynamic as energy system
Coaching process to help your clients identify and integrate polarities they strugle with
Principles of conducting "Polarity Integration" coaching session with indidivudals, teams and groups
How to combine rationale & intuitive process in your session
How to unlock and utilize the energy of your client(s) curreltly locked in unresolved polariteis that need integration

Additional benefits

This powerful model will help you and your clients navigate through new and complex business and life paradigm

By releasing and utilizing the energy currently locked in the tension of non-integrated polarities your clients' visions and goals will become achievable.

You will enable your clients to solve issues that at this moment seem "unsolvable".

Situations or challenges perceived as "problems" will become polarities that require integration.

Who this 3-day coach
training program is fo?


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Trainer's Biography

Ivanka Novaković ACC, is a psychologist, organizational development, leadership and change consultant, author, trainer and professional coach, Certified PACT™ Consultant with License.

For last 20 years her work has been driven by the vision of constructive, holistic and humanistic leadership that promotes achieving both great business results and constructive culture that enables employees to be happy, authentic and inspired by their work. Organizations that aim for this vision enrich the lives of the whole community while achieving exceptional business results.

Ivanka has been working as a coach with individuals, teams and organizations since 2008. She was also leading large scale coaching projects in several large and medium sized organizations. She is one of founders and first Vice President of ICF Serbia Chapter.

Ivanka is a mom to 3 beautiful boys and arts and nature lover.

During last 15 years as she worked as a consultant, trainer, coach and mentor some of her clients were Ball Corporation, Coca Cola Hellenic, Philip Morris International, Sport Vision Group, NIS Gazprom Neft, Carlsberg, Michelin, Erste Bank, Opportunity Bank, Delhaize, Telenor, Actavis, JTI, KimTec, Fashion Company, Holcim, SIM, Heineken, Frikom, Delta M, Delta Sport, Polimark, Orsus, Textil, Movem, DHL, Schneider Electric, Sekopak.

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